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There are lots of noises going on around us all the time. Imagine if you couldn’t hear and your world was silent? You wouldn’t be able to hear sounds we take for granted such as listening to music, hearing the alarm clock and doorbell, or knowing when the smoke alarm goes off. But that is what it’s like for deaf people.

So we are asking schools, colleges and youth groups to get involved with Let’s hear it and think up lots of fun and exciting ways to raise money to help Hearing Dogs!

Download your free educational resources, and use our fun and interactive activities to sing and sign along to music. The pack links to the National Curriculum and includes class-based activities, school competitions, recipes to make ‘pupcakes!’, and lots of great fundraising ideas.

We’d love to see what you get up to, so please share any photos of your yummy pupcakes or sign language skills with us on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to send us your dog coat designs!

We asked five children to draw what their hearing dog means to them. Here are the results.

Growing up is challenging for any child, but deaf children have extra challenges as their disability is unseen and often misunderstood. This is why our hearing dogs make such a monumental difference to a child’s life – they give them the confidence, companionship and independence to live their lives to the full. But don’t take… Read more

Transcript: Nick Grimshaw interviews child recipients on Radio 1 for Children in Need

In 2013, BBC’s Children in Need chose to raise funds for Hearing Dogs, and we are delighted that Children in Need have chosen to support us again this year! Radio 1 Breakfast presenter Nick Grimshaw invited two of our life-changing child partnerships to the Radio 1 studios to learn more about the charity – 13… Read more

Let’s hear it for Kurt!

A significant milestone in James Cheung’s young life occurred in September 2012, namely the transition to his local mainstream secondary school. It’s a huge step for any child, but as James suffers from a complex medical condition, and is deaf, this was his biggest challenge to date. Eleven-year-old James has moderate to severe, bilateral, sensorineural… Read more